How big are the bottles?

Each box contains 4 different 50ml bottles of NZ gin.  There's enough in each 50ml bottle for a single nip taster (15ml), a cocktail or Gin and tonic (30ml) and a wee taste to share with a friend (5ml)!

How often do I get my monthly tasting box?

Once a month for as long as you are a paid-up subscription member.  Your subscription will automatically renew on the day of month that you signed up. 

What day/ date does my monthly subscription box arrive?

We ship on the 1st and the 15th, you should receive your box 1-3 days after that depending on where you are.  Read our shipping policy for more details.  The date your box is dispatched depends on the date you signed up for your membership:
 1st to 10th 15th
11th - 25th 1st
26th-31st 15th 

Can I stop my subscription at any time?

Yes you can but why would you want to? 😊

Are there always 4 different NZ craft gin tasting bottles in the box?

Yes there are, plus a whole lot more fun and exciting goodies

Can I buy a subscription for a friend or family member?

Yes you certainly can, if they are over the age of 18

Are all the gins in the box made in New Zealand?

Yes they are.  It is our mission to support NZ gin distilleries and other New Zealand businesses.

Can you send these subscription boxes overseas?

Not at this time – international duties and shipping costs make it too expensive

If I like one or more of the gin tasters, can I buy that gin from you?

Yes, we offer an extensive range of NZ gins in our online store. Either use the QR code on the back of the taster bottle or the in the tasting booklet to go directly to our website to order.

How many bottles of gin can I order from you?

As long as you are older than 18, as many as you like!  But please drink responsibly.

Can I buy more of the merchandise that you have in your boxes? 

Yes you can, contact us and will send it out to you

How do we get onto the SuggestGIN FB Group live sessions?

You will be sent an invite the join the members only FB group and we will notify you of the live schedule. Our regular emails advise when they will be on as well.

Can I join the SuggestGIN FB group, even if I am not a subscription box subscriber?

The facebook group is for members only at this stage but you are welcome to join the conversation on our facebook page. 

Can I share recipes and cocktail ideas with you?

Don't just share them with us, share them in the group!  We encourage our members to share their gin knowledge ....... and their favourite cocktails and recipes!

What is the monthly membership fee?

$79 plus shipping.